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Cortina Precision Expander Mandrels

$ 65.00 inc. GST

AR-Hunter EC Tuner Brake

$ 400.00 inc. GST
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Expanding Mandrel Dies

$ 130.00 inc. GST

Expanding Mandrel Dies

$ 130.00 inc. GST

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The expander mandrel die holds the expander mandrels which.  Our expander mandrel dies are compatible with 21st Century expander mandrels or you can buy our expander mandrels!

Our dies are coated with Black nitride and are cartridge family specific.  What it means is that a 6BR will work with 6BR, Dasher, BRX, BRA, etc.  A 284 die will work with 284 Winchester, 284 Shehane, and any other variants of the 284 case.

Our expander mandrel dies size the base of the case the same way your Full Length sizing die would.  This helps align the case with the mandrel and also helps reduce “clickers” as brass ages.

How to set up our expander mandrel dies.

  1. Run press all the way up.
  2. Thread die onto press until the die touches the shell holder.
  3. Lock die down in position.
  4. Done.

Note:  You could also use the 6BR die in a 308 Winchester or any other cartridge with same case base diameter.  You would simply have to back the die off so that the case mouth does not bottom on on the mandrel. 

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.223 Remington/.300 Blackout, 6BR/GT, Grendel/ARC/PPC, .284 Winchester, 6.5 PRC/7mm PRCW, .308 Win/Creedmore/6.5×47 Lapua/XC, WSM, RSAUM

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